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A Charlie Brown Christmas - Highlights

I've just posted a compilation of some of my favorite musical moments from Parkland College's production of A Charlie Brown Christmas on my YouTube channel. This was such a fun production to work on (and with a 34 minute running time, the perfect length!). My sincerest thanks go out to my band: Chris Beyt on bass, and Zachary Bowers on drums.

I tried out a new toy for this recording- I recorded from my iPhone, attached to a Joby GorillaPod. I mounted the GorillaPod on Zach's music stand, pointing towards me. I love the flexibility it offers, but I'll have to find a better location next time for audio's sake- that's a lot of drums!

A Charlie Brown Christmas  cast and crew. Photo: Matt Childress

A Charlie Brown Christmas cast and crew. Photo: Matt Childress

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