Justin M. Brauer

Music Director | Theatre Educator | Keyboardist

Pippin - "With You" recording

In October, my friend Dan asked if I'd help him with a project for his mom's birthday. Pippin is her favorite musical, and she had walked down the aisle to "With You," so he wanted to record that track and "Corner of the Sky" to give to her as a gift. I recorded accompaniment tracks in advance, and then scheduled a day for him to come over and record the vocals on top.

When the day came to finally record, though, Dan was getting over a nasty cold and still felt pretty awful. There was no time to reschedule because his mom's birthday was later that week. So, we pulled the keys down, shared a glass of whiskey to clear him out, and got to it. I'm under strict orders not to share the final product (maybe some day we'll get to rerecord in the original keys,) but I've posted an excerpt of my piano and celeste accompaniment to "With You" here and on my portfolio.

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