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Lion of Bali - Of Thee I Sing score rebinding

A while back, I had some extra reward points that I used to buy this old library copy of Of Thee I Sing, only to find that the rebinding job the library had done caused the book to keep from laying flat and open on the piano (see picture at right).

Enter Lion of Bali and Don Widmer, a  Chicago-based book and paper artist who specializes in letterpress cards, handmade paper, and hand-bound books. His work "is inspired by travel, reflecting the sights, sounds, and colors of the places he visits. He uses relief printing, handmade papermaking and bookbinding (separately or in combination) to create unique works of art."

Don agreed to experiment with the book in the hopes there was a way to save it. The result of his hard work came in today (pictured below), and I now have what I am sure is the most beautiful and functional copy of this score in existence. From Don: "The binding is a sewn-boards binding with tight-back spine (exposed spine)." He also added these fantastic endpapers featuring the original cast and my favorite picture of George. And look at how flat it lays!

Check out more of Don's work at www.lionofbali.com, and be sure to click through to the description of each piece for more information on his process and inspiration.

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