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Can't Get Along Without You - Kermit Unpigged

A few years ago, my dad mentioned in passing that he wanted to learn to play Can’t Get Along Without You, from the 1994 album “Kermit Unpigged,” but he couldn’t find music or even chords for it. His birthday is this month, so I thought I’d track it down. It hasn’t ever been published, and I couldn’t find any transcriptions online, so I went straight to the source.

I asked writers John Boylan and Robert Kraft if they had a copy of the original sheet music that they could share with me. John got back to me very quickly and said that since the Henson Company held the copyright for the song, any materials for that album would have been boxed up and stored somewhere in their files. He then put me in touch with Cheryl Henson and Debbie McClellan, VP of The Muppets Studio. Neither was able to track down the original manuscripts, so I started doing my own transcription from the record.

While my dad is primarily a guitarist, I wanted to give him more than just a lead sheet, so this is a rough keyboard arrangement, with guitar chords and fretboards above. It’s very simplified from what I play when I play the song- I especially generally double the bass an octave below and fill out a lot of movement in the right hand. Click on the image above to download my arrangement!

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